Essay of My Best Friend in English for Students 2022

Essay of my best friend/Essay of My Best Friend in English/Essay of My Best Friend in English for studetns and children

Essay on My Best Friend


Friendship is a very beautiful relationship. It is really very hard to find a true friend. I have a number of friends. But my best friend is Vinay. He is my class-mate and neighbor. We go to school together. We study in the same class and we sit on the same bench. We enjoy studying and playing together.


Vinay has a charming personality. He is fair and tall He wears neat and clean clothes. He is gentle and well mannered. He is funny and outgoing by nature. He is very disciplined and punctual and goes to school regularly. He obeys and respects teachers, parents and elders. He is the monitor of our class. He comes from a very educated family.His father is a doctore. His mother is a teacher.


Vinay is extremely good at studies and helps the students who are weak in studies. He is very bright student. He does very well in all subjects and helps me a lot in my studies. HE is very good in sports also. He is the captain of the school cricket team. He has won several prizes for our school. Vinay is honest, kind, supportive and encouraging and inspires me to become a better person.


He wants to become an engineer. He is my well wisher with whom I can share everything. All the teachers of our school love him. I am proud of him and I am fortunate to have him as my friend.

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